Vadim Drobinin

Vadim Drobinin

iOS Developer, IT Consultant and Project Manager

You can not go back to square one

(if you already solve Rubik’s Cube*) Our lives are beautiful in their difference. We think different thoughts, we love different stuff, we feel different sensations, we expect different things to happen, we spend our time very different from each other and we have different goals in life. However, there is at least one flaw most… Continue reading

Let me caution you

or a letter to myself. Dear Vadim, Every day I spend my time drinking wine, feeling fine, reading books and cooking something cool whenever I want. I travel quite a lot, check my Twitter feed at Business lounges and use Priority Pass in case of noisy children somewhere near the queue. I trade with French… Continue reading

Something is Coming

5 concrete life lessons I learned from surfing. My life in the water began when I was 6 and joined a swimming team in the city where I was born. Starting from those days I hardly can recall a week I have spent without visiting a swimming pool. During this time I have learned a… Continue reading

You are here, alive and present

Not so long ago I would have started my morning routine with social networks. Those days, as soon as I lift my head off the pillow to the ringing of alarm clock in my mobile phone, I press the “Dismiss” button and by force of habit open the list of notifications about unread mail, photos… Continue reading