Being the person in charge of the company’s iOS app I have a chance to be involved in multiple fields.

iOS development:

  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application.
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs. Help maintain code quality, organisation and automatisation.
  • Control the release pipeline: from code reviews to continuous integration and continuous delivery scripts to fully automated release trains to ensuring successful App Store reviews.
  • Advocate for good user experience across our platform.
  • Own features in production and as a result understand enough of how our teams work to make significant improvements in how we build software.


  • Maintain awareness of potential threats, develop threat models and mitigate against vulnerabilities
  • Lead the evolution of our security practices, including OWASP for all supported platforms.

Product management:

  • Drive the roadmap process by working closely with Engineers, Product Designers and Analysts to test, code, measure and iterate our products.
  • Conduct & Facilitate requirements, design, and implementation reviews.
  • Get involved with technical architecture and systems, product design and implementation, product launch and rollout plans, and other issues as they relate to technical prioritisation and team resourcing.

People management:

  • Participate in development of hiring and on-boarding programs.
  • Handle performance management, including working with under-performers.
  • Mentor and coach teams across the company, particularly engineering, on security and secure development skills.
  • Give talks on related topics and attend conferences as a speaker and developers’ advocate.

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