Hire me (last updated: 19 Apr 2023)

Hey there! I'm Vadim Drobinin, and I'm offering part-time consulting work in iOS development.

My background is pretty diverse - I've done web development, backend engineering, and mobile app development. But for the last ten years or so, I've mainly focused on Apple platforms (and not just iOS and watchOS!).

I've got some cool achievements under my belt, too. I won an Apple WWDC Scholarship, co-founded the biggest Eastern European iOS meetup, led development teams, taught students, scaled startups, managed engineers, and even did some cross-platform mobile security audits.

These days, I specialize in helping teams all over the world build their MVPs, improve their engineering practices, make better internal tools, and create a more efficient engineering culture.

If you're looking for an iOS consultant, I'd love to chat with you and see how I can help.

Services I Offer

I'm open to working on a variety of projects and can provide tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Building Your v0.1

If you're in the early stages of app development and need guidance, I can help. I'll work with you to build your app from the ground up and provide support in onboarding new engineers to take over development. With my expertise in initial architecture, design, and implementation, you can be sure that your app will be on the right track.

Additionally, I work with a team of experienced developers that I have collaborated with for years. Together, we can provide complete product development services, including programming, design, and user experience (UX) design. Let's make your dream app a reality!

Code Review and Consulting

Do you have an existing codebase that could use some improvement? I'm here to help.

I offer code review and consulting services to help you make the most out of your existing code. With my extensive experience in refactoring code, I can review your codebase and provide suggestions and guidance on how to improve it. I can also advise you on architectural decisions, and create tools that will enhance your team's efficiency.

I can help you improve your CI/CD pipelines and streamline your workflow with internal tools. These projects are usually less time-consuming, which means I have more availability for them and can offer them at a more affordable rate. Even if you're on a budget or want to start small, my code review and consulting services are perfect for you.

Starting small with these low-hanging fruits can lead to significant improvements in your codebase and workflow and set the foundation for future success. So, let's start working together to make your code better!

Workflow Audit

Are you or your team members feeling frustrated with the slow pace of development? I can help you work more efficiently and deliver more business value.

I'll investigate your development workflow to identify any inefficiencies or issues that are holding you back. I'll evaluate your existing codebase to find potential improvements and provide practical recommendations that will make day-to-day development smoother for the entire team.

My recommendations will include process improvements, increased efficiency, and a more maintainable codebase. I'll also work with your team to implement these changes over a few months, transitioning into a code review operating mode to ensure that the changes are effective.

By working with me, your team's velocity will increase, and their job satisfaction will improve as they feel empowered to deliver more business value. Let's work together to streamline your workflow and achieve your goals.

Workshops and Training

Does your team want to learn more about functional programming, composable architecture, or advanced security? I can develop and lead workshops and training sessions tailored to your team's needs. My comprehensive syllabus of topics will help your engineers apply these concepts to their everyday work.


Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your meetups or conferences? I can speak on a variety of topics, including:

I'm also happy to update and give a more recent version of any of my previous talks. Let me help your audience learn about the latest technologies and trends in mobile app development.

Contact Me

If you're interested in any of the services I offer, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at consulting@drobinin.com. I'm available immediately and I'd love to discuss how my expertise and experience can help you achieve your development goals and improve your app's performance.

Let's work together to build better apps and improve your team's workflow!

My work

LivaNova / EpsyHealth

At EpsyHealth, I am leading the key changes to the company's iOS app, such as moving the app from MVC and storyboards to SwiftUI and the Composable Architecture, using best practices in functional reactive programming. I also rewrote the app's watchOS companion as an independent Watch app, which significantly improved its functionality.

I manage an in-house fork of AWS and am responsible for creating and maintaining automated release pipelines and security audits. Additionally, I develop hiring programs and conduct interviews to bring new team members onboard.

Previously, I led several projects, including prototyping NFC logging integration, adding extensive HealthKit support, and transitioning from REST APIs to GraphQL and AWS solutions, which significantly boosted the app's performance and scalability.

Sphere (acquired by Twitter)

During my work at Sphere, I was one of the first 15 employees and responsible for leading and scaling the iOS team. We relied on a data-driven approach, delivering a range of features, including a core social network stack and gamification, as well as integrating third-party snippets and building a highly functional in-chat experience. Our efforts led to the company being acquired by Twitter.

I also led multiple R&D projects that resulted in millions of dollars saved, including building an end-to-end testing engine on top of XCUITest, automating the PR review pipeline, and migrating the app's communication system to Protobuf to optimize traffic by over 35% while turning subsystems into a strongly-typed structure. I also reverse-engineered and built a client-side chat-based advertisement system.

As an early employee, I was involved in every stage of the development process, including design sessions, kick-offs, product ideations, and more. I was responsible for keeping the team and stakeholders up-to-date with regular demos and presentations, including in-company talks on bug reporting, architecture, and annual State of the Union reports.

As a consultant

As a consultant, I have over fifteen years of experience, with the last decade primarily focused on development for Apple platforms. My past projects include:

Other contributions


I am an experienced speaker at mobile conferences worldwide, with over 15 talks at events such as MobiConf, SwiftHeroes, iOSDevUK, Alt Conf, mDevCamp, Appdevcon, and many more. You can find recordings of some of my talks on my website: https://drobinin.com/talks.


From 2015-2017, I led a branch of regional CocoaHeads events and helped it become the largest regular iOS meetup in Eastern Europe, with hundreds of attendees each month.
My work included finding venues, curating the program, screening speakers, and helping to build the best iOS conference possible.


Throughout my career, I have made extensive contributions to open-source projects, including apple/swift, daltoniam/Starscream, aws-amplify/aws-sdk-ios, and many more. You can view my contributions on my Github profile: https://github.com/valzevul

Side projects and CV

Please refer to my CV for my side project, education, and other details.